Inside Our Factories

Having withstood the test of time and found profound success, Sivantos Group is featured in “Inside Our Factories”, a Channel News Asia feature documentary that celebrates the gamut of factories from the 1960s to present-day Singapore, tracing how factories have evolved with the economy over the years. The film gains access to six factories that manufacture very different products – from humble wooden pallets that can serve as an “economic indicator”, to high-end memory chips that power our modern lives.

Sivantos Group is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids whose roots go back 140 years. Until January 2015, we were a Siemens Business Unit. Then we became an independent company. We started our transformation journey, completely re-inventing our company from the ground up. Right now, we are working to further develop our strengths and maintain our technology leadership, investing in the future to optimize our structure and footprint, as well as to build new capabilities.

Over 400 R&D engineers develop the future of hearing aids. Over 6,000 Sivantos Group employees in over 25 countries unite to bring a vision of being able to help people live better lives. As a result, our business and platforms become more flexible, our products and services get better, and our geographical footprint expands—our products are available in more than 120 countries. We continuously strive to reshape the industry in terms of innovation—products, services, and channels alike. The goal? To provide the best hearing aids and be the best partner for our customers.

Inside Our Factories places the people in these factories front-and-centre. We hear their personal stories, collective memories, and aspirations. And come to understand why factories are more than just a place of work for many of them. Shot in a cinematic style, see Singapore factories in a way that’s never seen before. Inside Our Factories will be aired on Channel News Asia on the 22nd August, at 10:30PM! Tune in to watch these amazing stories about the unique synergy between man and machine that made Singapore, as well as Sivantos, truly a world’s first.

Inside Our Factories is also available online! Watch it here! Sivantos’ story is from 27:00 onwards.