Signia introduces new CIC vent for highest acceptance

As audiological technology leaders, at Signia we continue to innovate our ITE custom products to help you achieve the highest acceptance from your patients. Our latest development is the new YO-Vent which minimizes occlusion while maximizing wearing comfort and maintaining ease of fit. As a result, the new YO-Vent from Signia helps you to increase patient satisfaction and reduce drop-outs.

Ideally suited for CIC-wearing patients with mild to moderate hearing loss, the innovative YO-Vent combines all the advantages of both a trench vent and a round vent. From the faceplate to the first bend of the ear canal, the very short length of the round vent – the “O” – helps to minimize occlusion. This short round vent transitions smoothly into a trench – the “Y” – running from the first bend to the end of the ear canal. Thanks to its open design, this Y part also helps to minimize occlusion and delivers superior wearing comfort.

The new YO-Vent from Signia offers you a new level of simplicity. Just order the vent by providing the diameter of the round “O” part. Signia then models the “Y” part based on the patient’s individual ear canal impression.

You enjoy optimal fitting flexibility with our new vent. Because the YO-Vent is round at the faceplate, you can use short round vent plugs as you would with conventional vents that do not offer the same unique combination of better hearing and comfort.

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