Signia draws on its unrivalled experience with rechargeable hearing aids to offer the world’s largest lithium-ion portfolio.


Signia leads the way in rechargeable hearing aids

Signia draws on its unrivalled experience with rechargeable hearing aids to offer the world’s largest lithium-ion portfolio providing the widest choice of form factors and performance levels, all built on the proven Signia Nx platform.

Hearing Care Professionals have the unenviable task of not only meeting the right clinical needs of people with hearing loss but also their preferences in terms of hearing aid design, technology features, handling convenience, and price. Only when these factors come together in a way that satisfies the consumer, can a successful sale be guaranteed.

This means that clients and potential clients not only want to be convinced by state-of-the-art audiological solutions that deliver a high-tech, true-to-life hearing experience in a form factor that suits them best. They are also persuaded by tangible benefits that they can easily relate to and understand. One major benefit is rechargeability.

Rechargeability is highly valued by most people because a wide variety of today’s consumer products are rechargeable – from our smartphones to vacuum cleaners. The reason is simple: Rechargeable devices are more convenient and easier to use than those that require regular battery changes.

And when it comes to hearing aids, lithium-ion is the smartest solution to support wearers in regularly streaming their phone calls, TV audio, music and more. Therefore, it is important to be able to choose from a variety of form factors with lithium-ion rechargeability to achieve clinical success and high consumer satisfaction and adoption.

Harness the selling power of the widest range of rechargeable hearing aids

Signia stands for breakthrough innovation to deliver real consumer benefit. That’s why we considered the Hearing Care Professional’s challenge of choosing the right form factor based on clinical need while providing the consumer with sought after, tangible benefits.

The result is the industry’s widest range of rechargeable solutions with lithium-ion batteries to meet all consumer needs in terms of form factor and personal budget. Only Signia offers the revolutionary SLIM-RIC form factor with fully featured connectivity and charging-on-the-go: the new Styletto Connect. In addition, more traditional consumers can choose between the popular RIC Pure Charge&Go Nx and BTE Motion Charge&Go Nx, which also feature full Bluetooth connectivity coupled with lithium-ion charging. The RIC and BTE hearing aids are CROS compatible to cater to people with single-sided hearing loss as well.

For the first time, all form factors are available at all performance levels. This means there is no budget limitation for consumers to afford the rechargeable hearing aid that is exactly right for them.   

A choice of charging

With Signia, hearing aid wearers have a real choice of charging options for effortless full-day use.

  • Styletto Connect: The new Styletto Connect offers the world’s first truly portable charging-on-the-go for active lifestyles, delivering up to 4 days’ use free from plugs and cables with its pocket-sized charging case.
  • Pure Charge&Go Nx and Motion Charge&Go Nx: Both provide convenient overnight rechargeability for maximum comfort so that wearers can rest assured that their hearing aids will take them through the coming day when they put them on in the morning.

Personalized high-tech solutions for every need

This great choice enables Hearing Care Professionals to meet the needs of experienced hearing aid wearers as well as younger and first-time wearers looking for especially stylish high-tech options such as a SLIM-RIC. And thanks to Signia’s full range of performance levels, each client can enjoy a dedicated solution to match their personal budget.

All devices are built on the acclaimed Signia Nx platform with Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural voice and highest acceptance. Signia’s binaural expertise delivers the highest speech understanding in noise and crystal-clear signal quality for the most natural hearing experience. All these hearing aids are also compatible with TeleCare, the remote support solution that makes trial periods easier for both Hearing Care Professionals and hearing aid wearers by offering hearing exercises to help the wearer to get used to their new hearing aids as well as remote support via text, voice or video calls.

Check out the full range of Signia rechargeable hearing aids here on our website!

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