Setting up Lotus hearing aids video playlist

Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast: Easy adjustment at the touch of a button

For the Lotus Fun and Lotus Fast hearing aids, Signia analyzed the most common types of hearing loss and compiled the corresponding settings of the hearing aids into three (Fast) or four (Fun) sound profiles. Based on an audiogram or trial and error, a suitably trained professional can use the button on the hearing aid to set the best and most comfortable sound profile for the hard of hearing person. The 6-channel Lotus Fun is available as a Power (P) or Super Power (SP) ITE, and the 4-channel Lotus Fast is available as a Power BTE.

Lotus Run: More hearing comfort and adjustment by smartphone app

The Lotus Run has 8 channels. Available as a Power or Super Power BTE, it is adjusted via an easy to learn and self-explanatory smartphone app (for iOS and Android). Within this app, the specialist selects one of six predefined sound profiles.

We have set up a video playlist that shows you the most important information. From selecting the right Fun hearing aid and programming it to setting up a Lotus Run hearing aid, using the Mobile Fitting App.

Take a look!