Hearing aids fulfill a vital public health role. Their uptake, particularly among people with mild to moderate hearing loss.


The importance of design in convincing people with hearing loss to wear hearing aids

Hearing aids fulfill a vital public health role. Their uptake, particularly among people with mild to moderate hearing loss, can be strengthened by broadening their appeal not just regarding how they support a patient but also how they look and feel to the wearer.

As the technology behind hearing aids has reached new heights, the value of combining these invisible advantages with the visible appeal of cutting-edge design has moved more sharply into focus. Personal style is a big factor when choosing accessories. We dress and accessorize ourselves according to our preferences. We also expect medical products like a pair of glasses to be in line with our style preferences. So why should choosing a hearing aid be any different?

Since the launch of the revolutionary Styletto hearing aid by Signia in 2018, hearing aids have no longer been so easily labeled as substance without style. To continue transforming the image of hearing aids from necessary medical tech to truly high-tech hearwear, we have now launched the new Signia Styletto Connect.

Styletto Connect offers not only premium hearing technology based on the acclaimed Signia Nx platform but also tangible advantages. Charging-on-the-go thanks to its pocket-sized charger, top sound quality with full connectivity for phone calls, TV audio, music, and the touchcontrol app, and most distinctively an attractive design based on the unique SLIM-RIC form factor are just a few. This sleek and recognizable form factor, built around a pin-shaped battery rather than the traditional coin-shaped option, acts as a true lead generator. It helps Hearing Care Professionals convince more people with mild to moderate hearing loss to start wearing hearing aids before their condition worsens.

Transforming the image of hearing aids

“The majority of people with mild to moderate hearing loss do not yet wear hearing aids and their self-image plays a huge role in this. Creating a new look and feel that suits people’s image of themselves, therefore, carries a huge potential for business growth,” said Andrew Rhodes, head of launch marketing, Sivantos.

The fact that Styletto Connect and Styletto change the perception of hearing aids is proven: 84% prefer a shop window containing the SLIM-RIC form factor compared to one without it, according to a consumer study.* That means these products combining form and function encourage people to enter a hearing aid store and can help hearing care professionals greatly in converting people with hearing loss into satisfied hearing aid wearers.

Hearwear: Function made fashionable

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their appearance, and our SLIM-RIC hearing aids make this a reality for the hard-of-hearing. They are the definition of hearwear: stylish accessories that offer fashion and functionality in the same breath. A variety of modern color palettes and a sleek and easy-to-wear design make these devices unique. “SLIM” not only describes this unrivaled stylish shape in the world of hearing products, it also stands for Slim Lithium Ion Module.

Similarly to stylishly designed glasses, Styletto Connect appeals to the modern wearer, offering a fresh new experience. Signia has designed a piece of hearwear that can appeal to anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss, particularly style-conscious and first-time wearers. They can choose one of three color schemes to suit their preference from snow white/rose gold, black/silver, and cosmic blue/rose gold.

With Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, charging-on-the-go, and Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural-sounding own voice, there’s a lot to love on the inside. Styletto Connect combines this with a powerful aesthetic vision to create a beautiful product that everyone can enjoy.

Look out for more posts about Styletto Connect focusing on connectivity, rechargeability, and its audiological features.

* Signia consumer study 2018: When presented with a choice, 84% of respondents chose an offering with Styletto.

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