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CROS Pure.


As discreet and elegant as the Pure primax hearing aid, CROS Pure is the transmitter for CROS and BiCROS fittings and is compatible with almost all primax hearing aids.


1) Directional microphones
Improve speech understanding in noise by focusing on the person in front of the wearer.

2) e2e wireless 3.0
This third-generation wireless data exchange system enables the energy efficient audio data transmission to the corresponding primax hearing aid.

3) Battery compartment
For a size 312 battery. With on/off function.

4) Sleek housing
CROS Pure fits discreetly behind the ear and offers a high degree of wearing comfort.

5) miniReceiver 2.0
Available in four different lengths for retention. Please note: No output is provided by the receiver if attached to the CROS Pure.

Wireless CROS/BiCROS: It‘s not a one-sided issue.

CROS solution:

The wireless CROS solution is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and un-aidable hearing loss in the other. In the diagram, sounds from the un-aidable side are received by the microphones of CROS Pure™, processed, e.g. for directionality, and wirelessly transmitted to the side with normal hearing.

Hearing aid receives the sound from the un-aidable side and sends it into the other ear so the signal can be heard. CROS Pure wirelessly transmits sounds.

BiCROS solution:

The wireless BiCROS solution is designed for people with un-aidable hearing loss in one ear and aidable hearing loss in the other. Below, sound from the un-aidable side is received by the CROS Pure, processed and transmitted to the other side. The primax hearing aid delivers the combined and amplified sound from both devices.

Hearing aid receives the sound from the un-aidable side, mixes it with its own input and amplifies the mixed signal. CROS Pure wirelessly transmits sounds.