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In Brief

  • Register your practice
  • Edit Practice Details and Profile
  • Add your first patient
  • Install the myHearing App for your patient


1. Register your practice on the TeleCare Portal

1.Go to http://telecare.signia-pro.com and click the “Register” button



2. Complete all required fields on the Registration page

  • Although not a required field, entering your Sivantos Account Number may expedite access to your portal
  • The E-mail address and Password will serve as the login for your portal

3. Agree to the “Terms of Use”

4. Click Register

If your registration is not immediately approved, it will be reviewed by Sivantos. You will receive an e-mail notification once your account has been approved.

If you want to manage multiple office locations in TeleCare, you can now conveniently do this with a single TeleCare login. (All other users will also receive individual logins.) Read more about managing multi-site business in our Guide: “Managing Multiple Practices as Organizations in Signia TeleCare”


2. Edit Practice Details and Profile

  1. Log in with your E-mail and Password
  2. In the upper-left corner (next to the language flag), select the drop-down menu and click Practice Details
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit
  4. Edit your Practice Details: Address, Phone, Timezone
  5. Upload a Logo and/or Video, if desired
  6. Edit your Opening Hours
  7. Click Save
  8. Scroll back up to the upper-left corner, select the drop-down menu and click Profile
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit
  10. Edit your personal details and upload a professional photo, if desired (this will be displayed in the myHearing App)
  11. If a Mobile Number was entered, this will be the number to Receive Alert Messages, if this is selected as Active, in the Configuration (Note:  you will NOT receive text messages or emails directly from the patient.  The purpose is for you to receive ‘alerts’ about messages received from the portal)
  12. Click Save

3. Add your first patient

1.In Connexx, complete a “First Fit” and select any preferred programs in “Program Handling”

2. Click the icon located in the upper-right corner of Connexx

3. Enter your E-mail and Password to log in






4. Once the login is successful, Connexx is now linked to your TeleCare Portal. (Please note: This only needs to be performed once)

5. Click the cloud icon located at the top of Connexx

6. A new patient profile will automatically be added to your TeleCare Portal. This transfer includes patient name, patient phone number (if entered), hearing instrument models, and hearing instrument programs


  • For follow-up fitting sessions, when you select transfer icon again, the patient profile will automatically be updated.
  • If you are assigned to multiple locations within your organization, all submitted from within Connexx will be automatically assigned to your default practice in TeleCare. Please contact your TeleCare administrators for changes related to your default practice. (Read more about it in our guide: Managing Multiple Practices as an Organization in Signia TeleCare)

4. Install the myHearing App with your patient

If you entered the patient’s mobile phone number in Connexx, they will receive a text message with a link to download they myHearing App.

If no text message was received, open the App Store on your patient’s mobile phone, search for “myHearing”, and download the “Signia myHearing” App or the “myHearing” App (if you are using the private label version—Sivantos’ permission is required to access this version).

  1. Open the myHearing App
  2. Enter the 6-digit Connection Code
    • The Connection Code can be found in the text message received by the patient (see above)
    • You can retrieve the Connection Code via the TeleCare Portal. Go to the patient’s profile, go to Settings > Connect to myHearing
  3. Complete all other steps prompted by the myHearing App

If your patient does not have a smartphone, try one of the following alternatives:

  • Download the myHearing App on a tablet
  • Download the myHearing App on a family member’s or caregiver’s smartphone
  • Offer the myHearing (paper-based) Booklet