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In brief

  • Keep track of your practice’s performance and benchmark yourself against the market average.
  • Better understand patient outcomes across your TeleCare patient base.
  • Identify best-performing and best-selling devices.

Understanding your practice’s and overall organization’s performance is crucial for your business. With the new Analytics Dashboard in TeleCare, key information on your overall patient success is readily available to you at any time, in real-time[1]. You can even compare how your business compares in terms of TeleCare results to the rest of your country.

To access the Analytics Dashboard[2], in the main menu click on OVERVIEW > Analytics.

The Dashboard contains three main sections, accessible via a tab navigation: Practice view, KPIs view and Devices

[1] Selected information updated daily

[2] Only available for “Practice managers” and “Organization managers”


1. 1 Your practice’s performance

On the “Practice view” tab, you can see details on how your practice is performing.


The following information is available to you:



Overall patients

All patients created in your account since registration.


New patients

Patients added in the last 30 days


Daily Satisfaction Average

Average of all daily satisfaction ratings in your practice.


Process duration

Average number of days between creating and closing your patients. (Refer to our Guide “How to manage follow-up visits and close patients in the TeleCare Portal” for details on closing patients.)


Success rate:

Percentage of purchases among closed patients. Patients that decided in favor of the hearing aids (as captured on patient closing dialogues).

Color coding indicates your performance development in the last two months:

  • GREEN – improved performance
  • RED – declining performance

The relative change over the last three months is indicated below your current performance.

By hovering your mouse over any of the numbers, you can access an explanation of each item.

At the bottom of the page, averages for all patients supported with TeleCare are shown in the “Market averages” section.


1.1. Multi-practice analytics for location and organization managers

TeleCare users with more than one practice in their organization will see the same information as described above for all assigned locations within the organization.


In addition, next to the market averages, an average across all your organization’s locations will be shown (“Organization averages”).


2. Performance Benchmarks (“KPI view”)

On the “KPIs view” tab, all the individual performance metrics are shown in direct comparison to

  • other practices in the organization (if assigned)
  • the overall organization average (if there is more than one practice in the organization)
  • the market average

3. Your best-seller devices

On the “Devices” tab, you can see a list of hearing aid models you have tested with patients and how successful the outcomes were for your patients.

The table shows the following information:

  • Average satisfaction: Average daily satisfaction with each hearing aid model among your organization’s patients.
  • Sold/Tested: Number of times each hearing aid model was sold[1] and how often patients tested it.

[1] A device is considered to be sold when the patient profile was closed with a successful outcome, and the device was the last one assigned to the patient profile.